Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a month in photos - November

Top row from left: Ollie climbs a woolly mammoth, Marin love Hazel's dolls, at the Zoo with friends, Dave and Hazel jamming, soccer game smiles, serious but cute, Ollie at the beach. 2nd Row: soccer sidelines, Marin's ears, park day with girls, boogie boarding in November!, beach day, with dad, watching the big kids climb around. 3rd Row: teacups with Maya and Brooke, loving the beach, Thanksgiving dinner, Dave, Marin loves to swing, putting up the tree, chasing seagulls. 4th Row: she loves dessert, my Thanksgiving turkeys, walking baby, colorful cookies, happy Ollie, curious Marin, homemade rolls that actually turned out! 5th Row: snowcones in the backyard, squirt gun crazy, vampire baby, happiest place on earth time, my sweetie, Hazel and Coleman double up on the swing, Reflections award for photography. 

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