Monday, November 07, 2011

a month in photos - October

From top left: Hazel's camera smirk, such a momma's girl, Ollie's appetite!, my sweet baby, huge toothy grin and her favorite blankie, Hazel in a TV daze, Ollie at the pumpkin farm. 2nd Row: The Village People (Officer Dave), fire chief Oliver & rockstar Hazel, Hazel learned to ride a bike!, snow cones at Plow Boys, soccer game break time, Strawberry Shortcake and friends, carving pumpkins w security. 3rd Row: happy Ollie, Officer Dave, Marin loves to be outside!, crazy Hazey, music time, my baby is getting so big!, Hazel's hair is growing!! 4th Row: shopping for pink soccer ball with Dad, little ladybug, more music time, Ollie's learning to rollerblade, she loves pink hair, remote control cars with dad, Marin learning to walk at the pool. Last Row: Marin loves marinara, Plum Pudding, Hazel's soccer game, my munchkins, serious Marin, silly Hazel, Ollie at school's Fall Festival. 

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