Monday, June 27, 2011

a month in photos - May

top row: messy marin, giant grasshopper, hazel is banned from scissors, snuggle buddies, school festival, dave's tux at church auction, happy sisters.
2nd row: crazy kids in car, pre-race smiles, sweet marin, day after new haircut, hazel with hair, happy marin, serious runner mode - ollie. 
3rd row: swinging smiles, mullet child, sister love, rainy day target trip, ollie loves face paint, done w the bumbo, happy hazel.
4th row: marin can climb the stairs, hazel loves to rock out in the music room, happy ollie, race day hazel, in chuck's plane, hungry marin, halfway through a 10k. 
bottom row: strawberries ripen, summer is coming, race day, happy baby, marble maze mania, swing me higher, mom!, double dimples.

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Natalie said...

love these entries, annie. such a great little peek into your life!