Thursday, May 29, 2008


Today my friend Kelly and I went exploring in Old Town Temecula. Here are a few things I saw.
1. beautiful cactus flower
2. ollie, like a kid in a candy shop, literally.
3. & 4. cool blue door and ollie


L.M. Steimle said...

in the first picture by the blue door, the look on ollies face is so DAVE! Its cute though, those blue eyes! and the picture of ollie trying to reach the candy is magical, i LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo!

Kelly said...

Annie, these are awesome! I love Ollie's eyes with the door! Still a little jealous of your great shot in the candy store. :)

Steele Family said...

Ollie you are so dang cute!! I love you little smile and your bright blue eyes!