Monday, September 26, 2011

we heart seattle

Last week-ish we took a trip to Washington. I love the Pacific Northwest. It is so beautiful! I think living with an abundance of sunshine and heat makes me relish the somber Seattle skies. We hadn't visited for about three years so our kids didn't really remember much of anything. It was a magical stay at grandmas house and I finally made it up to my sister Liz's amazing new/old house (and farm!). The photos of her place don't do it justice. It is magical too. We are so lucky to have family that lives in such a cool place. Something about a low stress, non-holiday time vacation made it so enjoyable. And people seem to be in less of a hurry there. A little slower pace. It was wonderful! 

They are big enough to wheel their own suitcases! Weird. 
They liked the airport. They were so excited to see grandma!
Good times at grandmas! Hazel and grandma playing Littlest Pet Shop on the deck. Catan is always fun. Walking to Pike's Place Market. Ollie's birthday prizes! Licking the cookie bowl clean. Quick photo on the pig at Pike's place. 
We rode the iconic "Duck" water truck thing and did a tour of the city. Dave and I had never done this. It was fun for all of us. We saw so much!
Love the house boats
and the Seattle skyline. 

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