Sunday, September 04, 2011

a month in photos - August

Top row: happy on daddy's lap, lego love, hazel, found frogs!, water play, with my dad in San Diego.  2nd row: Dave being silly, Marin helps do dishes, yay for smiles!, birthday cake binge, new school shoes, scooter tricks, tasty grapes. 3rd row: Ollie's signs for Marin's birthday, he lost his front tooth!, 1st day of school, dave, at church, cupcakes!, hazel loves to dress up. 4th row: "I want out of my stroller!", hazel?, grape phone, la jolla, two front teeth!, cousins!, kate and marin with aunt jen. Last row: more backyard grapes, at the zoo with cousin June, spider Hazel, watermelon mouth, happy girl, animal lover, dirty and happy!

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