Monday, September 26, 2011

Granite Falls

While in Washington we also visited Granite Falls. This just so happens to be the place where Dave proposed to me almost twelve years ago! Crazy. We have gone here a few times since then, but never with all of our kids. I was happy to share this beautiful place with them. We actually saw several salmon jump up (or attempt to jump up) this raging river! It was really cool. 
  Marin loves being outside. "Out" was one of her first words.  
   That is Dave, Ollie and Hazel in the distance. 
   I love the contrast of the roar of the river and the quiet of all the other surroundings. And those three people are pretty fun to be with too. 

   Ollie caught a water-skeeter that he would have loved to bring home in his pocket. 

  We also got to spend some time with our good friend Brian. Susie, Jay, James and Grandma were able to come along too. 
A perfect afternoon.  

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