Monday, August 22, 2011

a month in photos - July

A memorable, fun month full of many smiles. 

Top left: Hazel tenting it in Carlsbad, Hazel fell asleep on the floor with Marin as her pillow, i love that little beeb, at the hospital a couple of hours after he broke his arm, hazel's hair is growing!, first time on a mountain bike in ages, inflatable kayak filled to capacity at Canyon Lake. 
2nd Row: relaxing at the beach, playing "king of the surfboard" in the pool, miniature golfing is always fun, happy dave, waterproof cast made by dave, golfing one-armed is possible, hazel at oceanside pier. 
3rd row: buddy cousins Dylin & Ollie, sympathy schwag from friends and family, rare that we're all in a photo - yay!, she can sleep anywhere, dave bought a megaphone (loves it) for a 5k race he helped put on, playing on the gigaball, the boy still likes hot wheels. 
4th row: Hazel hiding in pool toys, bike date, happy boy, reading lots, big toothy grin, relaxing in the pool, hazel loves to beach comb. 
Last row: late night ice cream dash, Marin invading the tent, hazel loves her cowgirl boots even in this heat!, 24th of July 5k race breakfast, night walk on the beach, Marin loves to climb in the dishwasher, sparklers on the 4th. 

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Love all the photos! What an adorable family :-)