Monday, May 02, 2011

a month in photos - April

From top left: Hazel w friends in the backyard, Ollie's 1st grade open house, Hazel in the wildflowers, Ollie loves Bandu, Hazel's w her good friend Joseph, Dave's happy vacation smile, Ollie earned his white belt. 2nd Row: self portrait while driving mountain biking support, 6-year-old handwriting, Marin loves bike rides, my girls, rafting on the San Juan, Ollie and Xander on the wii, happy hazel. 3rd row: proud hamster owner, flower picker, Marin pats Dave's scruffy chin, ocean-ready kiddos, nasturtiums in the backyard, swishy baby kisses, riding bikes w Uncle Doug. 4th Row: beach baby, Ollie caught a bunch of Wooly Bear Caterpillars, happy in the tent, Dave, happy camper, me loving our rafting trip, Ollie decides on his favorite rocks. Bottom row: happy, she loves baths, Dave at the oars, my garden in full bloom, cheesy grin, beach camping, sweet Hazel.

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