Tuesday, March 01, 2011

a month in photos - january

January 2011
From top left: Arizona cousins farm, four wheeler, skis on the tramp, bunny on a skateboard, lost second tooth at school, marin 5 months • 2nd row: Hazel's mischievous smile, lounging marin and hazel, princess party hazel, marin, ollie ski-ready, at the park w ollie and michael, hazel mackenzie and tessa on the tramp • 3rd row: found a cat while walking home from school, hazel holds worried marin, hazel biking to the park, ollie's first paintball gun shot, skiing w hazel, annie and hazel, viking hazel and knight joseph • 4th row: hazel in the snow, on the lift with dad, marin loves her toes, ollie on his way to a birthday party, bubble heads in the bath, hazel's new helmet and gloves, hazel wearing ollie's shorts to get a laugh • 5th row: reading books at night, nerf gun collection, ollie and michael, robot box head ollie, sleeping ollie, bouncy balls collection from Farmer Bros, Annie and ollie on the ski lift.

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Natalie said...

like every other artistic venture of yours annie, this is brilliant!