Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a month in photos - december

think my iphone has ruined me. I use it everywhere instead of taking a better quality camera with me. Oh, well. Here are a few photos of what we've been up to this month. 
From top left: ollie at school in favorite zip off pants, the adventures of hazel, sound asleep, marin's first mickey ears, photo with santa cow at chick fil a - love it! weirdest picture of the year, a pug like dede, all of us • 2nd row: chunky cheeks, christmas tree at disneyland, all smiles at dland, carousel, more disneyland,  mailing Christmas packages at the post office, gingerbread house time at school • 3rd row: hazel loves broccoli, kids love baking, old town adventures w thor and logan, ride at legoland w dave and uncle doug, hazel loved the unicycle rider, on daddy's shoulders is best, legoland on christmas eve day • 4th row: Disneyland w cousins, on the disney train in the rain, christmas jammies, santas knee, ho ho ho, student of the month, hi hazel • 5th row: pillow pet love, hazel feeding marin, water was so freezing at the beach, but the sun felt good, marin love, biking in a wetsuit is a first, Christmas dress.

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