Sunday, November 07, 2010

Santa Barbara

This weekend we took a trip to Santa Barbara. It was our first visit and the area was even more beautiful that I had expected. Dave ran a half marathon on Saturday (I forgot to take my camera to the race!). He ran a great race -- I think this is his last one for the year. We also got to hang out with Dave's brother Chris and his family. (His wife Lizzy ran the race as well.) We had a great time. We rented an RV-- that was a fun adventure. And thanks to uncle Doug for helping out with everything. We also stumbled onto these beautiful tide pools (see photos) at really low tide. There were many sea creatures to be found. It was very cool. And as always, the beach (or anywhere out in nature really) is the best playground for kids. 


Liz Galvin said...

What an amazing day at the beach. I love when the tide is low. It's the best time for little ones to explore.

Annie said...

Hey this looks familiar...we just moved here the end of June. Such a pretty area. Good job on the race! (I remember the roads being closed in the morning for the race.)