Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1st day of school

Ollie was so excited to go to school this morning. He kept repeating: "I just cannot wait to go to school today!" We'll see how long that lasts! (fingers crossed). Every person he saw on his way to school he would try to tell them: "Did you know that today I am a first grader?" He said he is most looking forward to science, math and recess. Hazel is looking forward to my undivided attention at least for the next few days until this baby gets here! :)


Kathy said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Konner is excited to go to Kindergarten. Then he remembers that there will be 6 year olds there and gets scared. Then forgets and is excited all over again. They are getting so big!! Hazel kinda reminds me a little of Kay in these pictures.

Thelin Family said...

Could your kids be any more cute? I love Ollie's freckles. How are you? We have not chatted in forever. When is your due date? Well, I love reading your blog and I LOVE LOVE seeing the pics. Hope all is well

Liz Galvin said...

Looking forward to pics of my new niece!!!