Thursday, February 25, 2010

life at home

I feel like I have stepped into a new level of the mom world. I have stepped into the world of lessons. It has been fun to have Hazel in "dance class" (toddler gymnastics). Ollie has been going to swimming lessons these past few weeks and soccer starts next week. I have to say, it feels kind of surreal being a mom sometimes. I have stepped into this world of little people learning and experiencing and growing. It's a cool place to be. 

Not super great photos, but this is my world right now. 

Hazel: "I love the Olipsticks!" (Olympics)

Hazel: "I be the mommy, you be the girl. Now lemme see your phone!" (Her tactic to get my phone so she can play games on it.)


Susie and Jay Larson said...

I love the picture of the kitty at nap time. Way to go momma Annie with all the practices and fun experiences!Did you catch the women ice skaters? They were beautiful.

Allison said...

that last photo is the most adorable thing ever. I didn't even notice the cat till I looked twice. ha! everything about it is perfect. the "oliver" pillow, the cute sleeping kids, the kittie... timeless