Sunday, October 11, 2009


( I didn't edit this video, so it is really long. 
enjoy what you will. 2-1/2 is such a fun age. )


Kristin said...

i heart her. she is a little girl now!

I was raised in a barn said...

That is so cute Annie! London is going to be Tinker bell, too. What are you doing for her shoes?? I need to find something. I just got her costume/princess dress at Target but the wings are kind of bugging her. Where did you guys get hers? I will be in the hospital so I am trying to get eveything ready before hand. Kind sad I will miss it all :( excited you guys are coming. London asking me when you guys get here- she is soooo excited.

Allison said...

she is such a good talker!! and so so cute. violet doesn't really talk much yet, but I can't wait till she does... so funny.