Sunday, February 22, 2009


Quotes from Ollie from the past month, or so:

"I just need a short snuggle to get me started." - just before going to bed.

"Who is Heavenly Father's dad?"

"Oh man, I have some bad trouble." - on losing some Hot Wheels down the cracks in the seat of the car

"The good thing is, we get to go home and jump on our tramp and play Pirahna Panic" - looking on the bright side while he was sad to leave Utah.

"Ponies are for girls and horses are for boys."

"Why do kids have to have their own beds? I just want to snuggle wit you all night long."

"Awesome is for boys and beautiful is for girls."

"Do you know what? I just want another treat so I can brush my teeth." - Oh the cunning tactics.

"What does infinity plus infinity equal? What comes after infinity? Do you know what number is too big? A gagillion."

"Rigby's go with Rigby's" - on cutting in line in front of me to get an extra turn on the bouncy blow up slide.


Kristin said...

I LOVE Ollieisms!

Paige Holley said...

That one about a gagillion sounds just like Gavin! He is all about big numbers. His newest big number = kaswillion! That is huge!

Ginger said...

HAHA!! Ollie always brings a smile to my face. Sounds like Ollie has some math teaching to do to Robert. What a cute kid!

Unknown said...

I love love love these posts when you do them. What a hilarious kid.