Sunday, February 15, 2009

hug you

Hazel has recently starting caring for her little dolls and animals. To me it is one of the sweetest things to see the natural way little girls care for things. It's just what we do! Instinct, I guess. Anyway, on another Hazel note...before I put her to bed each night as soon as we walk into her bedroom she will loudly say: "Rock it!" meaning: "Don't forget to rock me in the rocking chair before you lay me down in my crib." Sweet and funny and it makes my day. *Disclaimer on this photo: Well, I guess it's true..the messy hair is what she often looks like at home and the no clothes thing is just how we roll some times. Well at least Hazel, that is. : )


Kristin said...

Oh come on Annie, admit it, you roll that way too. Haha. I love her cute little tongue sticking out smile thing she's got going. She's growing up so fast!

I was raised in a barn said...

That is pretty much how London rolls, too! So dang cute!! I love her!