Friday, October 03, 2008


"Mom, how come your head is so big?"

Me: "Do you want Mandi to give you a haircut?"
Ollie: "No."
Me: "Why not?"
Ollie: "Because she will want to give me hugs. She always wants to give me hugs. I don't like hugs. I just like Indiana Jones!"

"Hazel had a manger blow!"
(aka: a major blowout, what Dave calls a very dirty diaper)

"The thing is – I can't read!"

"What is a pituitary gland?"

Ollie: "Do you know what? That wasn't very much fun."
Me: "Why?"
Ollie: "Dave Elliot wasn't there."
(his friend from the Singles Branch that he misses very much!)

"Do you know why I like to watch TV? Because we don't have a trampoline."

"Driving me nuts means that nuts are driving."
(Then he break into hysterics)

"Did you know that we get to go to a drive-out." (Drive-in)

"Did you know that sometimes I close my eyes and it's called blinking."

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schester said...

I love these!

Does Mandi know about that one?