Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Okay, yes, this might look a little like blood, but it's not. Ollie painted a big painting the other day. It's fun to watch him. He can be so serious some times. It's hard to believe my little baby is almost four!

Ollie, deep in thought: "Hey mom, I think I'm just half of a big kid."

Words I have deciphered from Hazel lately: "dog, tree, flower, ollie, up"

Some of Hazel's favorite things: squishing anything that's fluffy or has a face, teasing her brother, turning off the power to the TV, playing in (and eating) dirt, eating anything and everything, giving open mouth kisses, drawing on anything with anything, climbing on anything as high as she can, giving me a heart attack, giving pom-poms to me. She's a funny one. 

So, I think we're about 75% feels good. Sorry to anyone who I haven't been in touch with or responded to in a while...things have been a bit hectic in my neck of the woods this past month. 

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