Thursday, February 07, 2008

Day 29

1. Oh, thank you to the people who make baby carrots so perfect and so nice and so round and package them in a little bag. I'm still learning about this whole gardening thing. I didn't thin my carrots enough so when I went to pull one out to see how big they were, a whole clump came out. They do smell quite delicious though.
2. Hopscotch. I didn't think Ollie would like it. But he surprised me. 
Me: "Ollie, are you ready for bed."
Ollie: "Nope. I still need to get some more energy out."
Any suggestions?


L.M. Steimle said...

get him ready for track, make him run laps, lol.

Anonymous said...

Only you can take a photo of carrots and make art. :)