Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I'm posting today, because well...I haven't posted in a while, so why not? And it's a new year (Happy 2008!). And I have added some photos to my web gallery. Click "Recent Family Photos" on the right side of my blog to view photos as of late. The quality is not so hot (a lot of red-eye!) My new little Powershot isn't as great as I had hoped it would be (although it takes great little movies). But you'll get the idea. The kids and I had a great trip to Utah (even though Hazel got 3 new teeth!!) and Dave enjoyed some scuba diving while we were gone. Life is good! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!
P.S. My apologies the photos don't have labels, I'm still trying to figure out this Mac Gallery thing. Hmm.
Photo: Hazel is 9 months!!!! Oh, it's going too fast! She is such a love.


Liz Galvin said...

I love that happy little munchkin (sp?) a lot.

I was raised in a barn said...

she is too cute- oh, those eyes!!