Tuesday, October 02, 2007


so this is what three looks like. how did my little baby get so big? he spikes his own hair now!! and he told me today that he wants a pet snake! how about we start with a fish or something?


I was raised in a barn said...

I can't believe he is 3...he seems like he is 15! he is so cute!

Steele Family said...

Nice spike job on your hair Ollie, It looks great!!

Natalie said...

crazy - I remember sitting in your Texas apartment and holding the little guy when he was a new born - where does the time go?!
LOVE his new hair-do!

Sage Pierce said...

How much more handsome could he get..the answer: no more.
Love the spike. Porter may just be following in Ollie's hair's footsteps. :)Too cute.

Michelle said...

I'll send Ollie Bryton's snake :)
waaa haa haaa