Saturday, September 15, 2007


Ollie loves playing legos with his dad. Dave is much more creative with his lego building than I am.

Ollie: Mommy, you're wearing a headband.
Me: Yes, and you're wearing hair.
Ollie: Some people don't wear hair.


Steele Family said...

ollie, you are so cute. cool lego towers! We sure do miss you!

Michelle said...

I love that you remember and write down teh funny things Ollie says and does... I need to be better at that. Kids are great!!! I could laugh at them all day! See you tomorrow!!!

Natalie said...

legos are so fun - we are all very impressed with the very cool and very tall tower Oliver made - very impressive!

Liz Galvin said...

Ollie is looking so big and grown-up. I'm diggin' the "BIG" tower.