Thursday, August 16, 2007

little dude

Oliver got a new toy car, a red ferrari no less. He said to me last night as he was going to sleep (with his car): "I just want to this to be a real car and I will drive it when I am sixteen." Watch out everyone! He also told me when he grows up he would like to be a car mechanic, an artist and a pilot. We love Ollie! He's fun.


Leslie said...

oh my gosh. nothing cuter than a little boy. that's an adorable picture, annie!

I was raised in a barn said...

k-he is so funny and SO smart!! I loved seeing you guys this weekend, too short, but fun non the less!

Sage Pierce said...

Priceless picture Annie.
Maybe you can look at it and remember what a sweet boy he is when he is 16 and driving away in his real red ferrari (or airplane). :)
You guys both look so cute.