Wednesday, June 13, 2007

manitou springs

We just got back from visiting friends in Colorado. We had a great time.

  • Click here for more photos.

    I was raised in a barn said...

    I am still so sad we didn't make it :( looks like you had so much fun! You look so good Annie! You are already beach ready!!! I didn't know you guys blessed Hazel already-she looked beautiful! I am so happy your parents could be there. Great Pictures as always.

    Susie and Jay Larson said...

    What beatiful country! Hazel is getting so big! I love the picture of Ollie with his feet in the river. How fun.

    Liz Galvin said...

    What a fun trip! It's beautiful there and so green. It looks like everyone had a grand ol' time. Ollie looks like he's in heaven; playing in daddy's boat, fishing and playing with friends his age. You're very lucky to have such great friends.